CNC Grinding

XL Machine utilizes a state-of-the-art Studer S33 Universal CNC Grinder to provide high precision parts with minimal lead time. This machine is ideal for prototypes, tooling, specialty and low to medium volume production.

A major benefit of the S33 machine is the turret style wheel head which provides unmatched geometric tolerances of work in a single clamping by utilizing 3 grinding wheels in one operation. This machine also has diamond and CBN superabrasive capability with rotary diamond dressing to meet extreme tolerances and maximum productivity.

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  • 13.75” Maximum OD

  • 40” Max Length between Centers

  • 8.0” Max ID x 8.0” Max Depth

  • CNC Wheel Profiling

  • Multi-angle Use of Wheels

  • Active Part Probing

  • .0001mm Tolerance